Ordering a custom bike is an exciting endeavor and it is my goal to create the bike that works best for what you want it to do, fits you perfectly, handles like its part of you, and looks good too.

The first step to the ordering process is the simple act of getting in touch to let me know what you are looking for in your new bike. After an initial discussion via email, phone, or stopping by the shop about what you are looking for, I will send you a “Fit Kit” which asks for you current bike set-up, basic body dimension, intended use(s) and components for your new bike. It is also good to know at this point if you have a budget in mind and/or would like an estimate based on the complete build of your choosing. We can provide close estimates on what it is you are looking for as well as offering sound advice on components that we like to spec on our builds.

Once your information is received, I start the design process by creating a drawing using BikeCad that uses your body dimension and the components that we discuss to create a comprehensive drawing that we can discuss. After producing the initial design, we will go over the details together and adjust accordingly; this process sometimes involves a little back and forth communication to get things dialed in. Once we confirm the design, you will be entered into the production schedule once an initial deposit of 1/2 of the estimated cost of your purchase is received.

Fitting Process– I prefer to do the fitting with each of my customers using the 'Fit Kit" and have had great success and positive feedback from my customers that I work directly with. If, however, you are all set with your current set-up, are not in the Seattle area, or would like to work with a fitter that of your choosing, I can also work with that. If you provide fit info from a fitter I still like to have the “Fit Kit” info as it informs me in the design process.