Titanium - Straight gauge Tubing

We use U.S. sourced straight gauge seamless 3/2.5 Ti tubes because they are a great way to build a frame. Titanium is a lightweight, super resilient, durable material that yields a lively, smooth, and responsive ride that feels great. Ti has the longest life of all bike building materials and is non corrosive, which makes it ideal for wet, harsh environments.

Titanium – Butted Tubing

Oversize, butted 3/2.5 tubing creates a lighter and more responsive frame than straight gauge tubes while enhancing the smooth ride feel of Ti.

Round Steel Tubing

Columbus “Life” thin walled tubing has a good range of tubing diameter options allowing for full customization for the rider.

Shaped Steel Tubing

Using Columbus “Spirit” or “HSS”, these tubes yield an ultra responsive and light steel frame with a finely tuned ride. With slightly thinner wall thicknesses than “Life” these frames stand out with their bi-ovalized, faceted walls and larger diameter tubes.

Stainless Steel

Using Columbus “XCr” thin wall tubing allows for a frame with the “feel of steel” with the added bonus of high corrosion resistance.