Air Land Sea FAQ

Is this a limited offer with an order window?
This a new, stock sized offering, and will be limited to 20 framesets or complete bicycles total in this cycle. After that it will be offered in specifically timed small batches. 

The order for the Ozette and Paloma bags will have a tight order window of August 1-15 to meet with Swift Industries tight production schedule and is limited to 30 bags between the 2 styles. Order now or you may not get one. If there is enough demand there may be additional ordering opportunities but who knows?

Can I order the ‘AirLandSea’ in a custom size?
No. This project is designed as a stock sized offering available in 7 sizes with varying geometry and size specific tubesets. I have worked really hard to come up with a wide ranging size chart to fit most people. If you like the bike but need something more custom, please get in touch and we can go that route in Ti, stainless steel, or steel, however, this paint scheme is limited to the stock sized offering only.

How long of a wait is it until I get my frameset or bike?
We will start making these in September or October with delivery starting in October. Swift Industries bags will be ready to ship in September or when the bike is ready.

What size should I get?
That’s up to you. I have provided a lot of info in the size chart and can make a suggestion based on your size but the choice is up to you on this one. 

Can I just order a frame?
The minimum you can order is a frameset consisting of the frame, Chris King I8 headset, and your choice of fork, painted to match. Choose from steel touring, Enve CX disc, or Co-Lab CX fork models. They are all a little different. You can also order a second fork at a slight discount to complement the whole package and have versatility in your ride. This frame was designed to work well with the steel touring fork w a front load and with the carbon forks without a front load. Like all of the bikes we make, we always prefer to see complete bikes rolling out the door. That way we know that everything is getting built up properly. There is also a price difference between the cost of buying a frameset vs. complete build as an incentive to get the whole enchilada :)

Can I just get the “AirLandSea’ Ozette or Paloma bag by Swift Industries without the bike? 
Yes you can! The order is limited to 30 bags total this time around so get on it!

What size Ozette bag should I get?
I recommend getting a bag that reflects your bike size. Smaller frames work best with a small bag, medium bag w medium sized frames, and large w large. Small bikes wont work that well w large bags and vice-versa due to decaleur limitations.

I want DT shifter bosses and rim brakes. Can you do that?
That’s a different bike and I would be happy to work with you on creating that as custom 333fab. This frame is designed for disc brakes and to work with a single chainring and a cable shifting, Sram clutched rear derailleur. If 2 chainrings are wanted then Shimano Di2 electronic shifting with internal wires/battery w XT or XTR Di2 clutched rear derailleur, front derailleur, and a 2x chainring crankset w a 10 tooth difference only (White Industries or Shimano ‘race’ cranksets work great). I put a lot of thought into what will work well with this bike and am trying to keep it current and simple without any extra doodads. I really like having the clutch rear derailleurs on there as they simply perform better over rough terrain. Either frame set-up will work with cable actuated or hydraulic disc brakes.

Can I get different parts for the complete build?
It’s preferred that you stick to the menu provided as there are some great options there. If you are interested in making some changes then, sure, we can work with that too but let’s try and keep changes to a minimum, shall we?

Do I have to get the steel touring fork?
No. You can choose either of the carbon forks offered for a lighter, sportier ride. There are some great carrying options available these days that work well without a front rack. Keep in mind that the Enve CX disc fork does not have any mounts for fenders, while the Co-Lab CX fork has mounts for fenders and an internal tube for a dyno powered headlight. All forks are painted to match.

Can you ship it to me out of the USA?
Of course. 333fab is run out of a small shop with a storefront and everything! We can ship everywhere as far as I know. We can fully assemble complete bikes and ship them to you in an AirCaddy box that requires hardly any assembly on your end. We are happy to provide packing/shipping quotes upon request. 

Do you offer any guarantees?
All 333fab bikes are made in our Seattle workshop by me and Bill Davidson, and professionally assembled by our mechanic Mark V. Collectively we have about 80 years of experience in making handmade bicycles using the best materials we can find. If something should go wrong we can usually fix it. If the problem is related to our workmanship, then we will take care of it at no cost to you. Frames that are damaged due to accidents or misuse can usually be fixed by us in our shop for a reasonable rate. This guarantee is only available to the original owner/purchaser.